Computer Vision Syndrome - Emerging Silent Pandemic

Have you recently been exhausted without reason? Uncontrollable headaches have ruined your child's day at ‘school from home’?

Maybe you know what we are talking about but maybe this is news… Read on...

Life during the pandemic has taken a u-turn. Dependency on gadgets and screens has increased dramatically. While the world is battling with Covid19, there is an emerging pandemic that can’t be overlooked. It is called Computer Vision Syndrome.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) is not specific to one kind of eye disease, it is an umbrella term that covers various issues related to prolonged usage of laptop/tablet screens and other electronic displays. Also known as digital eye strain, if not kept in check, CVS can lead to double vision, eye strain, eye fatigue, discomfort, burning, irritation, pain, ache, sore eyes, photophobia, blur, itching, tearing, dryness and foreign-body sensation.  

When one says ‘Oh I have severe eye strain today!’ what he really means is his ‘Oh the ciliary muscles in my eyes have overworked today!.

Eye strain and exhaustion is known to increase stress, body pain and neck/back stiffness, But the control is in your hand… 

There are a few tips that may just help you and your child overcome this unnatural widespread of computer related eye problems.

1. Take short breaks every once in a while -

Give your eyes a break!

While we understand that sometimes one has to sit in front of the computer non stop because of the need of undivided attention at work/school, sources suggest breaking away from the screen for short durations is very effective especially if an individual is sitting in front of a screen for more than 7.5 hour. 

In fact taking a 5 minute planned break every couple of hours in addition during the day is known to reduce eye strain.

2. Blink more often- 

As a natural remedy to dry eyes we blink!. 

But how often do we blink when we are looking at a screen? Studies have suggested one normally should be blinking 18 times a minute. This refreshes the eyes, by hydrating it and relaxes one’s eyes in the process. Blink consciously and maybe your eye strain will reduce. And if blinking is much of an effort, splash water!

 3. Keep your screen clean! -

Your eyes are used to clear vision. Don’t expose them to constant distraction. This tends to irritate your eye and stress your eye muscles, especially if you wear glasses. Take care of your glasses and laptop screens to avoid excessive strain on the eyes.

Get highly quality anti-fog cloth for your glasses. Get one now!

4. Reduce glare - 

What happens when there is uncontrollable dazzling on your screen? Natural glare! 

Natural glare seems to be one of the biggest reasons that cause eye strain. Work in a space with enough lighting to counter small amounts of reflection or cover windows with curtains if the glare is uncontrollable. 

 5. Get blue light blocking glasses

It has been lately suggested that Blue light from digital devices and laptop/computer screens can increase fatigue, dry eyes and sore eyes due to decrease in contrast. 

A paper written in 2016 quotes ‘Certain groups may be particularly susceptible to blue light damage,such as children (because of the transparency of their crystalline lens) and both aphakic and pseudophakic individuals who either cannot filter out short wavelengths, or fail to do so adequately.’ 

Additionally continuous exposure to blue light  has shown evidence of having disrupted sleep cycles and increase in fatigue. Which is why it is not recommended to use a device before sleeping.

The best way to prevent such eye damage due to blue light is the usage of high quality Blue light blocking glasses.

Ignorance is not an option!