Difference between Computer glasses, Blue light glasses, Gaming glasses

Computer glasses, Blue light glasses, Gaming glasses - so many glasses and names and yet to a layman - Glasses are well, glasses. 

In this article we’ll tell you the difference between these 3 kinds of glasses so that you can get exactly what you need.

Blue light glasses 

As the name suggests, these kinds of glasses are primarily for shielding your eyes against the harmful blue light emitted from our digital devices. They come with a built-in filter/reflective coating which helps bounce the harsh blue light away. 

Their price ranges from $9.99 to $100. The basic ones come with an Amber tint and as the price range increases, so does their quality and effectiveness. The premium quality ones offer anti-blue light, anti-reflective with green/gold coating. 

They are usually non-prescription and anytime you are working on a laptop or mobile surfing, you should ideally be wearing blue light glasses. 

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Computer glasses 

Though they may seem like a new market entrant, Computer glasses have been around for ages.

These kinds of glasses come with Anti-glare coating and slight magnification. The magnification that computer eyeglasses offer, help our Ciliary eye muscles relax and focus on o 24’’ or closer for a longer duration, without getting fatigued. They can also be used as reading glasses. 

Computer glasses come with several lens type - 

  • Single Vision Glasses - Reduces blurry vision and bad posture. Suitable for any age computer user. 
  • Occupational Progressive Glasses - Corrects near, intermediate and distance vision. Gives more comfortable vision at the computer. 
  • Occupational bifocal and trifocal Glasses -  Offers higher zone of vision correction and can be customized to match your specific needs. 

While blue light glasses focus on filtering out the blue light, computer glasses reduce your digital eye-strain symptoms like tired eyes, blurry vision, and headaches.

They are commonly available for $50-80. Their higher price is due to lens quality and the frames they are mounted on. 

Anyone who works on a computer for long durations or is experiencing symptoms of computer eye syndrome can get Computer Glasses with/without blue light coating.

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Gaming glasses 

Designed for people who play online and offline games, gaming glasses are essentially computer glasses with a blue light coating. They usually come with non-prescription/low power lenses. 

The difference though lies in design. Gaming glasses are highly durable and headset friendly. Which is why they come with a wrap around design, lightweight frame, silicone nose and amber tint for comfort during extended use. The wrap around frame is to prevent the user from dry eyes.

Made of acetate, TR-90 memory material, titanium, stainless steel, etc. These are the same materials used in high-end eyewear, and they will serve you well for thousands of wears.


Now that you are clear between the different types of glasses, choose one from our wide range of Blue light Glasses, Computer Glasses and Gaming Glasses and get the right Ottika pair today.