Know all there is to know about Ottika's Smart Modern !

 As much as we love technology there is a part of us that is always wary of trusting it. And if someone tells us to invest our money in sunglasses that play music...ummm. Well. 

But we can assure. The first time you try it you are going to go - 

“OMG” , “This is crazy!” , “This is weird”

A sunglasses that looks good, amps up your style but also lets you listen to music and answer calls.

We present you Ottika's next gen of sunglasses - The Smart Wearable 

Ok. Let's begin. How do these work?

Thanks to its seamless bluetooth connectivity. Easily compatible with iOS and Android, all you have to do is download the app and power on the sunglasses. The connectivity is really fast and you can start listening to music, answer calls or navigate in a few minutes.

Wondering about the sound quality?

Well, you will be surprised by its clarity. In quiet surroundings even 65% volume will be more than enough. Even in noisy streets or surroundings you will be able to hear your music/calls easily. 

Are they comfortable?

Unlike other smart frames available in the market our frames are NOT bulky. I repeat - NOT bulky. Which means you can easily wear the glasses for a longer period of time without worrying about ease and comfort. 

And the charging time?

The frames come with a single 42mAh battery which are powered by a magnetic charge. What it means is - A 10minute charge will give you continuous music playing for 4 hour, continuous call time of over 5 hours and standby life of more than 20 days!  

Ok enough about the audio, how are the sunglasses?

We, at Ottika Canada, strive and take pride in giving you the best quality at the best prices. The Smart modern frame is no different. It comes in 6 different styles and the glasses come with 3 layer coating which makes them polarized, (reading glasses are blue light proof) and scratch resistant. 

The last question - price?

Priced at a minimal CAD $149.99, these smart frames are worth every penny. Easy to carry, long lasting battery life, comfortable and not to forget stylish. Innovation doesn't get more affordable than this. 

Browse through our range of smart modern frames and get one. They are worth the investment.