Measure PD With Virtual Try-On

Measure PD With Virtual Try-On

What is pupillary distance?

Your PD is the distance in millimeters between the center of one pupil and the center of the other pupil. This measurement ensures that we make your lenses with the prescription exactly where your eyes require it, resulting in superior vision!

This measurement assists manufacturers in the preparation of prescription glasses by ensuring that the prescription aligns with the person's eyes. 

PD indicates where the individual will look through their glasses lenses.

There are two kinds of Pupillary distance. The distance between the pupils when looking at a distant object is referred to as far PD. This type of PD is used by eye doctors for distance vision glasses. The distance between the pupils when an individual is looking at a close object, such as when reading, is referred to as near PD.

It is critical to accurately measure PD. 

Types of pupillary measurements

Single PD and dual PD measurements are the two types of PD measurements.

The distance between the centers of one pupil and the centers of the other is referred to as the single or binocular PD measurement. A single PD measurement yields a single value, such as 60, 63, or 55 mm.

The distance between the center of each pupil and the bridge of the nose is referred to as dual or monocular PD. Dual PD measurements consist of two numbers. For instance, if the dual PD is 31/33, the first number refers to the right eye, and the second to the left eye.

How to measure PD online?

People who want to buy eyeglasses must have their pupillary distance (PD) measured. Some eyewear manufacturers offer how-to videos to assist customers in calculating their PD.

Follow these steps to measure your PD:

  • Set up for the scan
  • Hold your phone or camera straight and click on the try-on.

  • Click filters
  • Click on the 3 filter lines next to the camera icon at the bottom.

  • Adjust Iris
  • After step 2, blue lenses pop up on the screen as the iris. Adjust the iris size and press continue.

  • Note your PD
  • Once you get your PD, write down the number starting from 42-71 enter in instructions for the order, and mail it to us along with your prescription.

    We want you to have the best vision possible so that you can enjoy all of life's daily activities! We need your pupillary distance measurement to ensure our opticians get your prescription sitting perfectly in your lenses.

    The virtual try-on feature is now available on our website. Visit to find the perfect pairs for you.