Why Buy Expensive Eyewear?

Many people consider eyeglasses to be a necessity, but they are notorious for being expensive. For many people, glasses are one of the most expensive annual purchases, especially if the frames and lenses need to be replaced every year!

What many people don't realize is that a substantial portion of the annual cost of glasses comes from the fact that they buy brand new frames every time, which typically account for the majority of the cost!

Is it, however, worthwhile to spend so much money on eyeglasses? Let's have a look:


Eyeglasses range in price from about $100 for more basic versions to over $1,000 for premium styles. Many variables contribute to the increased cost of frames; in some cases, you are just paying to wear a brand label. The extra cost also speaks something about the frame's quality.

Of course, higher quality means that the frames will last longer. For most people, the most unsustainable aspect of purchasing glasses is the process of repurchasing frames every year.

Manufacturing costs are one of the main reasons eyeglasses are so expensive; new technology introduced into the creation of glasses to make them give better outcomes comes at an additional cost to the user. However, no amount of excellence could possibly justify the cost.


Sure, investing in high-quality glasses that will last you for years and years is worthwhile, even if it means paying a bit more upfront, but expensive glasses must be ones that will last. The frames are nearly always the most expensive component of getting glasses, thus reducing the number of times you buy them will be the most cost-effective option.

Many people are unaware that purchasing frames every year is not a necessary expense. The simplest approach to keep costs low is to invest in decent frames. Lenses are less expensive than a full pair of spectacles and replacing them isn’t a hassle. This would serve to be more cost-effective.


Ottika Canada focuses on offering high-quality lenses at a discounted price to alleviate the problem of purchasing expensive eyeglasses in a convenient manner for the client. Ottika was designed specifically to meet the needs of consumers who want to keep the cost of eyeglasses down. We use the best quality of lenses from the best labs using Hoya, Essilor, Ziess, Transition lenses. 

Another benefit is that you don't have to use the same lenses every time. Colored lenses, single vision lenses, progressive lenses, lined bifocal lens alternatives, clear lenses, transition lenses, blue-light-blocking lenses, and polarized lenses are all available.

Everyone will find something they like!