Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription

Deciphering your contact lens prescription may seem daunting, but Ottika is here to guide you through the process. Below, we break down the key elements of your contact lens prescription to ensure you can confidently choose lenses that suit your vision needs.

1. Sphere (PWR or SPH):

  • Denotes the main lens power needed to correct nearsightedness (negative values) or farsightedness (positive values).
  • Measured in diopters (D); higher numbers indicate stronger prescriptions.
2. Cylinder (CYL):
  • Addresses astigmatism, a condition caused by an irregular cornea or lens shape.
  • Positive or negative values signify the degree of astigmatism correction required.
3. Axis:
  • Specifies the angle (in degrees) for astigmatism correction.
  • Ranges from 0 to 180; ensures proper alignment of the cylindrical power.
4. Base Curve (BC):
  • Represents the curvature of the back surface of the contact lens.
  • Ensures a comfortable fit on your eye; measured in millimeters.
5. Diameter (DIA):
  • Indicates the width of the contact lens.
  • Measured in millimeters; ensures proper coverage on your eye.
6. Brand and Material:
  • Specifies the brand and material of the contact lens prescribed.
  • Different materials offer varied comfort levels and oxygen permeability.
7. Prescription Expiry:
  • Some contact lens prescriptions have an expiration date.
  • Ensure your prescription is up-to-date for accurate vision correction.
Reading Example:
  • Sphere (PWR): -2.50
  • Cylinder (CYL): -1.25
  • Axis: 180
  • Base Curve (BC): 8.6
  • Diameter (DIA): 14.2
Interpreting the Example:
  • The contact lens corrects myopia (nearsightedness) with a power of -2.50 diopters.
  • Astigmatism correction is -1.25 at an axis of 180 degrees.
  • The base curve is 8.6, and the diameter is 14.2.
Understanding your contact lens prescription is the first step towards optimal vision. At Ottika, we offer a wide range of contact lenses to suit different prescriptions and preferences. Visit our physical stores or explore our online collection to find the perfect lenses for your needs. Your clear vision is our priority at Ottika!